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Hey, I'm Gigi.

The Northamptonshire creative portrait photographer for artists, creators, & change makers

   'm so fucking excited you're here cause we're                   about to make some bona fide magic together through       photographs.


Creative portrait photography is all about the vibe man. But, no, really, we're doing more than just taking pretty pictures of your lovely mug. 

moody cinematic brand portrait


My approach to creative, bold portraiture.

My approach to creative, bold portraiture.

cinematic self portrait Gigi Gold Photography

Welcome to Gigi Gold Photography

...where the focus is on creating a wholly supportive, ultra creative, relaxed af photography experience that captures your wild, weird, wonderful essence so you feel excited to share your shit with the world.

I'm here to support the dreamers, rebels, and artists like you so you can truly stand out, connect to your audience, and leave an unforgettable impression to create loyal fans.

No matter where you are in your artistic or entrepreneurial journey, or whether you're creating music, paintings, running an online business, or a brick and mortar store, we're capturing your essence and making self expression (and content creation) easy, fun, and magnetic af. 
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Scroll-stopping imagery that tells your story, as art. 

moody cinematic brand portrait

How does a photoshoot like this work?

We co-create your concept and build a detailed plan - from outfits, locations, poses, and more - to tell your story & capture your true essence to help you:

+ create consistency in your online presence

+ build trust & excitement with your audience

+ attract your ideal clients

+ make new campaigns & content easy af

+ show how seriously you take your craft

+ stand out online

+ feel confident af, making you excited to post







moody cinematic brand portrait

Analogue Portraits

(coming soon!)

What is your vibe?

You are a whole vibe and we build your shoot around that and showcase your story. How do you want to be seen?

moody cinematic brand portrait


moody double exposure cinematic brand portrait
moody cinematic brand portrait
moody cinematic brand portrait

"Gigi captured those moments of pure magic when I was so completely at home in my body, and they are gorgeous. Gigi captured such a raw moment, and I felt so seen! As far as changing how I see myself, this shoot really helped me to tap into a part of myself that I don't often let come out and play. 

It added a layer of depth to my self-understanding, and seeing that part so beautifully captured is truly breathtaking!"

Meg Rector, Love & Relationship Coach

The next steps to book your shoot...

moody cinematic brand portrait


1. Check out the Portfolio

Look through the portfolio and make sure you like what you see! Don't forget that editing style is vital to your final images.

moody cinematic brand portrait


2. Peep the Packages

Look through the packages and different ways to work together to get the images that'll blow your mind and boost your brand.

moody cinematic brand portrait


3. Book your Call

Book your call (not needed for virtual shoots) so we can get a feel for each other and start planning your dream shoot!

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Gigi Gold Photography (under House of Gold Creations) creates vibrant, emotive, images for bold, creative humans to set themselves apart and bolster their self-expression by crafting story-based cinematic imagery that connect them with their audience through creative, bespoke portrait photoshoots.

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House of Gold Creations

Photography | Graphics | Brand Strategy

Northamptonshire, UK

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