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How to choose the right outfits for your brand photoshoot 

You know how it goes…you’re thinking about that next photoshoot, so you open your closet and you have NOTHING to wear. 

Depending on your package, you’ll get a certain number of outfit changes. So the pressure mounts to get it JUST RIGHT. 

Here are my top tips for choosing just the right clothing for your next brand photoshoot. 

1. Incorporate Brand Colors 

Brand Photoshoot with brand colors incorporated in clothing

If you’ve already got a defined brand with graphics or a website, you probably have a brand color palette. This is the PERFECT time to incorporate some of your brand colors into your clothing, accessories, or even your location. 

You don’t need a perfect match or a head to toe outfit of your brand colors. BUT adding some splashes of your most prominent brand colors creates an immediately cohesive look across your visual branding. 

Totally optional, but a cool way to add cohesion to your visual branding. 

2. Give yourself more options than you think you need 

There’s nothing worse than getting dressed and feeling…not quite right. Sometimes an outfit we generally love just doesn’t feel right some days. 

So, even if your photoshoot package only allows for 2 outfits, bring some alternatives so you’re not feeling stuck and uncomfortable. 

And hot tip: don’t wear your photoshoot clothes when you’re traveling to your location. It’s the perfect storm to spill coffee all over your white shirt. If you’re doing an indoor or studio shoot, your photographer might have a steamer to sort any wrinkles from travel. 

3. Take some selfies in your outfits 

selfie wearing possible brand photoshoot outfit

You don’t need to set up for a whole complicated self portrait shoot. But it’s worth spending a few minutes trying out different outfit combos, propping up your phone and recording a quick video or taking a few pictures at different angles. Does that dress flow well? Do you feel confident in that style of trousers? Can you move easily? Is the fabric too sheer or wrinkle easily? 

4. Send your photographer the outfits you want to wear 

I encourage my clients to send me quick selfies of the outfits they want to wear for a shoot. I’m here to help you turn your vision into visuals and I can see what will translate well and what won’t. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you what you wear, but your photographer will likely be excited to help you pick out the perfect outfits. 

5. Wear something comfortable 

Yes, of course there are times where style wins out over practicality, but you’ll want to be able to MOVE in these clothes and shoes. You might not be doing acrobatic tricks, but if you feel stiff and uncomfortable, you’ll look it. 

And if you’re doing an outdoor shoot, it’s a shout to bring a pair of shoes you can walk in and swap out easily into your more styled shoes when you get to your location. 

Look, at the end of the day, there is no exact right or wrong on how to dress yourself for your photoshoot. But these guidelines will set you up for success so you can feel most like yourself. 

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