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Why a virtual photoshoot might be the answer to your stale social media feed.

I know firsthand the pressure you feel to show up online, and to make matters MORE intense, you need a constant stream of "fresh" content to feed the greedy algo. And I also know you don't like posting the same 10 pictures over and over again. But big, bespoke brand photoshoots aren't always in the budget. Especially if you're feeling the economic pressures, you're newer in business, or you're simply looking for some updated pics without all the commitment.

What if you could get professional quality images without having to leave your house, without breaking the bank, and without having to deal with self-portraits?

Holly Virtual Remote Photoshoot

Enter Virtual Photoshoots.

Never heard of them? It's as easy as logging onto a Zoom call (maybe easier cause Zoom is touchy AF), setting up your phone, and posing away. A disembodied voice (me) tells you EXACTLY what to do, how to position your phone, how to make the most out of your location, outfits, and lighting and I do ALL the snapping and editing so you don't have to.

For every 30 minutes of shoot time, you get to choose your favorite 8 edited images. And if you want more, you can have the WHOLE gallery (usually around 30-40 images) for a flat fee.

These virtual shoots are SO fun, SO affordable, and the results speak for themselves.

I worked with Holly for 6 months in a subscription package and this really allowed us to go deep, get to know each other, execute on different "concepts", and co-create some GORGEOUS imagery she uses on her social media, website, and more.

I LOVE getting to work with artistic, creative, genuine souls all over the world to feel creatively fulfilled and get EXCITED to post fresh content for their brands without breaking the bank. If you're ready for some fresh content, book your virtual photoshoot today - or commit to a season of creativity with a 3 or 6 month subscription!

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