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Why I don’t offer a million images in my portrait photoshoot packages (and why that benefits you).

If you've had a portrait or brand photoshoot before, you might have received dozens (maybe hundreds) of edited images afterwords. And that feels really fucking amazing, right? Especially if you're a business owner primarily relying on the internet to drum up clients. You want variety, you want choice, you don't want your socials to feel stale after a month of posting the same images.

You pat yourself on the back for paying for a photoshoot that will set you up for months, or maybe even a year or two because you've got SO MUCH to choose from. There is no right or wrong here - I'm not about to get down on my fellow photographers for setting up their businesses and packages that work for them (and their clients). But I've found that even when I was hiring photographers for photoshoots for my business or band, I really only ended up using a percentage of the images I received. I'd often cycle through my favorite 10-15 images out of the 80+ I might get in a gallery.

So while I felt spoiled for choice, I was also kind of just wasting space on my hard drive NOT using the majority of my images right away. We also know that social media keeps shifting and changing and the algos are loving video content, carousels, and we're not using JUST image platforms anymore. We need our feeds to be diverse across TYPES of posts just as much what goes IN those posts. So I decided to set up my photography packages a little differently because I want you to get the most bang for your buck - you can DECIDE if you want a baseline number of images (the Bronze package includes 12, for instance) or you want to upgrade to the full gallery for a flat fee.

Personal Brand Portrait Photoshoot

This option is the perfect mix because it means I can keep the baseline package price lower and give you the baseline number of images you'll ACTUALLY use. And if you fall in love with ALL of the images, you can upgrade and buy a few extras or buy the WHOLE gallery if you want to have your cake and eat it, too.

There's a method to this madness and having been in the client's position many times, I'm focusing on building an EXPERIENCE for you as much as delivering you gasp-worthy images you get to show off to the world.

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