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Why you don't need a brand (or a business) to treat yourself to a photoshoot.

Let's be honest...this world we live in moves at a breakneck pace. And yeah, we've all got amazing cameras in our pockets and editing apps at our fingertips. We can take as many photos as there are seconds in the day. But a quick selfie or that crappy picture your Aunt Karen snapped at the last family BBQ probably ain't making you want to do a happy dance.

And time passes on with no great record of who you are in this moment.

We've gotten so spoiled with technology, we forget that photography is so, so special because it captures a moment in time you can never get back. Looking through old family photos, you giggle at the hairstyles, you chuckle at the clothing, and you stare in awe at your grandmother's face when she was just a young woman.

There's something so romantic about these old photos. We keep them in albums, see them in antique stores, and let them transport us to a time and place we've never been to.

We've forgotten to be intentional with our photography now. We forget that this season of life will pass and our faces, minds, bodies, hearts and circumstances will change and we won't have anything more than our IG worthy dinner documented.

Most of my clients are business owners, artists, musicians, freelancers, and otherwise non-traditional non-corporate types. They CAN use their portraits for their business and creative ventures.

But most of my clients aren't interested in headshots, images of them sitting at their laptops, or other #girlboss kinds of photos. Thank fuck for that.

They're looking to capture themselves in this moment, here and now, because there will never be another moment like this one. They're looking to SEE themselves in a new light. They're looking for a new way to be embodied and expressed.

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